16 November 2019

Discover the ultimate adventure sports guide

May 31, 2013

Who loves participating in adventure sports and having an unforgettable action packed holiday?

exploco4We do! Sometimes though its difficult to know which company to trust or indeed where the best places are to go.

But we think that we’ve got that problem solved with this great website Exploco – a fantastic adventure sports and activities guide to the best local spots and travel destinations worldwide.

And what we love about it is that it’s been built by you. An adventure sports community who have not only experienced, but also written and reported back for the community.

Exploco is packed with pictures, videos, reviews and the all important local knowledge of adventure sport destinations and experiences, as well most importantly, giving honest opinions of the companies that lay on such specialist holidays and trips that we all look to enjoy.

Check out this video to find out more:

Exploco has 8,000 companies already as well as one million destinations, so with such a fantastic platform it gives you a voice to share your experiences, whether good or bad, to those other like minded people looking to discover their next and best adventure sports experience.

And you know us, here at Sportsister we love a great picture. Their Pinterest page is fantastic, packed with some beautiful adventure sport images from surfing to skiing, and wakeboarding to windsurfing, it really is worth taking a look at for some inspiration.

So why not get involved, sign up and share your word!

More info: www.exploco.com or join them on Facebook or Twitter @exploco.

Lizzie Flint, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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