14 October 2019

Natalie tries: BarreDance

May 11, 2013
Sportsister tries BarreDance

What do you get if you combine classical ballet training with a high-energy dance aerobics class? You get an incredible and surprising workout that lifts your heart rate and targets your core. That’s exactly what’s on offer at BarreCore’s brand new BarreDance class. The craze is thriving in the swanky Chelsea studio and it’s becoming more exclusive than London’s top nightclubs, but Sportsister managed to get on the list…


What’s it all about?

BarreCore is a workout that makes use of the ballet barre to tone and sculpt your body through the use of small, isometric movements, using your bodyweight as resistance. The barre workout will challenge you from head to toe, whether you’ve danced before or not. The technique is aimed to help you get the killer strength and control of ballerinas without even having to plié once.

The BarreCore workout makes use of high repetition to work your muscles to full capacity for a full-body interval-training programme. And you will seriously feel the burn. Your thighs, glutes and arms will all be trembling after your workout, leaving you feeling satisfied, energised and more than a little bit smug.


Ok, so now you know what BarreCore is all about, but what on earth is BarreDance? This twist on the classic Barre workout adds a new, energetic dimension that gets you moving to the latest chart songs, learning simple routines and basically letting your hair down.

Taking all of the elements of the classic aerobic dance class, BarreDance teaches you fun dance routines that incorporate specific moves to work every part of your body. This isn’t your classic church hall disco, everything will be moving! After a thorough warm-up it’s straight into the routines. The classes are pretty small, but there’s no time to feel self-conscious – these sessions are perfect for people of all standards of dance. Believe me, everyone will be far too focused on getting their own moves right than looking at what you’re doing!


A breakdown of intense push-ups and sit-ups half way through the session will make sure that no muscle is left behind. It’s certainly a challenge picking yourself up off the floor after 50 sit-ups and bouncing back into the latest Will.I.Am track.

When the dance is over the class finishes with a session at the Barre to warm down. This includes some pretty tricky moves, and it’s evident that regular attendance will improve your flexibility no end. Don’t be put off if you have never done any ballet in your life, the instructors are really friendly and accommodating. The small class sizes mean they can come and perfect your technique, you don’t get lost in the crowd.

Top tips

If you’re still a little bit uncertain about the whole thing, here are Sportsister’s top tips to make the whole thing easier:

–       Don’t forget your socks. Socks are a must for all BarreCore workouts, so make sure you’ve got some on, you don’t wear trainers in the classes but you need socks, ideally ones with some good traction.

–       Dress comfortably. Don’t think you need to turn up looking like a ballerina. You’re going to be trying new positions and getting on the floor a lot, so think twice before you reach for your skimpiest hot pants.

–       Be confident. This isn’t the place for shyness – everyone is in the same boat and has to dance in a room full of mirrors and total strangers. Just go for it. Within about five minutes you’ll be absolutely loving it!

–       Book in advance. You can’t just turn up – these classes are so in-demand they get fully booked weeks in advance. Don’t miss out, book you place here: www.barrecore.co.uk

–       Star spot. When Sportsister’s Natalie tried out the class, 80s pop star Sinnita was there strutting her stuff. So keep your eyes peeled!


Head to the BarreCore website for more deals and to book classes. Classes can be block-booked or just on a single-basis if you want to try it out before you commit.

Natalie Morris,

Sportsister, The Women’s Sport Magazine

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