22 September 2019

Carrie on running: A change is as good as a rest

March 1, 2013
Carrie on running: A change is as good as a rest

I spent last weekend in Milton Keynes visiting a friend before a meeting I had with the Open University on Monday. I’ve visited before but don’t really know my way around particularly well, so I hadn’t expected to be able to get a decent run in.

Carrie on running: A change is as good as a restSince I was visiting friends I haven’t seen for a long time I was fine with sacrificing a training run for friendship anyway, but my meeting was on Monday at 12:30 and my friend started work at 9am, so with over three hours to kill I laced up my trainers and headed to the MK parkrun spot – Willen Lake – to try and get a few miles in.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for doing laps of the same loop I decided that needs must so I set off to run round the lake. One lap of the lake clocked in at 2.5 miles (clearly not the parkrun loop then…) so I ran round it again. And then once more. So, on that lovely quiet Monday morning before my meeting I racked up 7.5 miles of sunshine and was furnished with dozens of smiles and greetings from the lovely dog walkers and fellow runners of Milton Keynes. I really enjoyed the run and it was my first in a good while without musical accompaniment and the change of scenery was refreshing.

I’m still rubbing my eyes in childlike disbelief that I can now crank out 7.5 miles without thinking. Sure, I’m not the fastest and I think I look like a right sack of spuds when I run compared to the gazelle-like creatures darting in front of me most weeks at parkrun, but I’m doing it. Running for over an hour is now de rigueur and running for over 2 hours is heading that way too. At Christmas when I decided to dust off the trainers again I wouldn’t have imagined that I’d slip back into it so well.

This weekend is my 15 mile run and the true test of how well I’m doing in my training. I expect it to be far tougher than the 12 miles I did last weekend but a have a tiny shred of hope that it won’t be any harder – just about half an hour longer. Wish me luck.

Good luck Carrie! – Ed

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