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Carrie on running: Long runs

February 22, 2013
Carrie on running: Long runs

On Sunday I did my longest long run to date – I bossed out 11.8 miles in a slow-n-steady 2 hours 17 minutes and I have to say I’m pretty darned pleased with myself.

Carrie on running: Long runs

Despite being 1.3 miles short of an official half marathon I’m thinking of it as one because if I’d had extra pavement on the loop I could’ve cranked out that teeny bit extra with no trouble. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – running is easy because once you’re going it’s as easy to keep going as it is to stop.

So I’m back up to half marathon mileage and it feels absolutely great. Not only have I managed to stay completely injury free this time *touches wood* but I’ve managed to up my mileage with laughable ease.

But I feel like I’ve just hit the hurdle and I’m not sure how good my jumping skills are. I’ve ran a half marathon before and it’s the biggest mileage I’ve done, but continuing to increase my mileage beyond half marathon stage is uncharted territory; I’ve never done more so what if I can’t manage?

I’m being completely irrational, I know. If I can manage 11.8 miles and still be standing tall at the end of it then adding a couple of miles on each run will be no problem, surely? But my leap into the unknown is worrying me.

This week is a taper week where I pull back on the mileage for recovery, but next week will see me attempt a 15 miler – as much a logistical challenge as a physical one as I struggle to add bits on to my routes to make the loops longer (and they have to be loops – I can’t cope with multiple laps of the same bit).

I have every faith in myself that I’ll get all the way through this training plan with no problems. The ease with which I’ve slipped back into distances fills me with confidence in my ability to keep going – onwards and upwards as-they-say, however this uncharted territory also sets the butterflies in my stomach all a-fluttering.

I eagerly await next weekend. Just for that feeling I get when I check RunKeeper at the end of my run and realise how far I’ve gone. It’s not the running I love – it’s that feeling, right there, in that moment, knowing I’ve nailed it.

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