17 October 2019

Carrie on running: In full stride

February 12, 2013
Post-LSD run. It was a 7.4 miler and my best feeling run to date!

Marathon training is in full stride now. I’m on cloud nine and getting really stuck into it.

Post-LSD run. It was a 7.4 miler and my best feeling run to date!

Post-LSD run. It was a 7.4 miler and my best feeling run to date!

In the past seven days I’ve run a total of 22 miles made up of the following mileages: 3.1, 7.5, 5.4, 3 and another 3. In amongst that I’ve done a 6 mile walk, a 1 hour spin class and a 1 hour yoga class and I’m pleased to report that I’ve had no aches or pains, no injuries, no fatigue and I actually feel great!

I’m putting a lot of it down to my change in attitude but as well as that I’ve just kept my running nice and slow and steady. I’m keeping a really slow pace at the minute – I’m talking 12 minute miles here folks but I figure it’s safest for me so that I get used to being on my feet again because let’s not forget I’m still carrying some excess baggage here which ain’t helping my speed or my joints.

I’m also discovering that I quite enjoy running solo. All of my efforts so far have been in a group or at parkrun and the thought of heading out of my own door for a run filled me with dread. I feared running round the doors and being spotted by ex-school mates who would laugh at my feeble attempts to run (them knowing how much I hated PE at school).

But my attitude to that has utterly 180’d. Now I would be completely un-phased if anyone saw me – I’m training for a marathon, they’re not. Anyway, I don’t look THAT bad in my running tights, they provide a surprisingly flattering shape (bravo for achieving the impossible, Crewroom).

My only hope is that this enthusiasm continues. I can see it getting tougher as my distances creep up but for now I’m so psyched to keep going longer and further. For my next LSD run (long slow distance) I’m aiming for 2 hours or 10 miles – whichever comes first – and with the aid of Audio Fuel’s training tracks I can see it being a relative doddle! Wish me luck everyone!

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