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Brooks PureDrift running shoe

January 24, 2013
Brooks PureDrift running shoe

Minimal running shoes continue to be one of the most interesting areas of development in the running shoe market, so Danielle, our very own barefoot running fan decided to put a pair of the Brooks PureDrift to the test.


RATING: 5/5 – I love them!

I have been wearing barefoot and minimal shoes for over two years now and gradually the experience has improved as the newest developments are released. Of course technique for barefoot running is critical, but I do find the right shoe can also help to get the technique right. Last year I ran the London Marathon in a pair of Brooks Green Silence, which is a half-way step to minimal. But if I had had these shoes then, then I would have happily embarked upon the race in them.

I really like the fact that the inner can be removed for a more traditional barefoot experience too, the fact that you can alternate within the same shoe depending on end use is a real bonus. Me, I will train some sessions with the insole and others without, and the benefit it that the shoe still fits the same and I know it will be comfortable.

Of course like most Sportsisters, I use my shoes for more than just running – these have been spinning, to the gym and played badminton. All of which they performed well for.

– The removable inner sole makes them very versatile
– Comfortable – after a couple of runs they felt like a second skin
– The split toe really does give a better foot to floor feel
– They look great

– Rather expensive for such a simple shoe.

PRICE: £100

SIZES: UK 3 – UK 10

BUY: brooksrunning.co.uk

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