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Video: My Favourite Moment In Women’s Sport launch

January 7, 2013
Video: My Favorite Moment In Women's Sport launch

To celebrate the amazing achievements of our female sports stars and to ensure their performances remain in the public eye, Sportsister is launching a special video project called ‘My Favourite Moment In Women’s Sport’.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting video clips from some of the most respected figures in British sport, as well as athletes and coaches, all recounting their favourite moment and telling us why it has inspired or touched them. We’ve done some too, and we want you to send us your clips to share.

At the end of the project we aim to combine all the ‘moments’ in one short film that we can all use to inspire, motivate and celebrate.

It can be any sport, from any era, what we want to hear about are the moments that inspired you and why. The only criteria is that it must be about women’s sport.

Here’s Danielle’s (Sportsister co-founder) clip to give you an idea of what we would like from you:

My Favourite Moment in Women’s Sport – Danielle Sellwood from Sportsister on Vimeo.

How to submit a video:

  1. The clip should be 1-2 minutes long
  2. Use a simple background, make sure you are not too far away and talk clearly to your camera or phone (make sure there is minimal background noise)
  3. Please don’t add any graphics or details to the clip, we will do that
  4. Include your name in the video file name
  5. Send your clips to favouritemoment@sportsister.com you may need to use a free file transfer service like wetransfer.com

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Danielle Sellwood, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

Note: Not all videos submitted will be used, videos may be shortened and will be branded with the Sportsister ‘My Favourite Moment In Women’s Sport’ branding. By submitting a video you accept that Sportsister may use this for promotional activity and that you will not receive payment for its use by Sportsister.

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