29 September 2020

Equestrian: Charlotte Dujardin wins Olympic dressage gold

August 9, 2012
Laura Bechtolscheimer and Charlotte Dujardin

Charlotte Dujardin rode to an incredible individual dressage gold this afternoon, making her the first Brit ever to take the title. Laura Bechtolsheimer also had a successful afternoon, securing bronze.

It was an exhilarating contest with all three Brits riding for a medal, Dujardin (pictured on the right) was the last to go and rode into the ring knowing that she had to beat the huge 88 per cent scored by Adelinde Cornelissen from the Netherlands.

Dujardin rode a virtually foot perfect test to a mixture of British classical music, which included the chimes from Big Ben. The hugely emotive music simply added to the drama and there cannot have been a dry eye in the house when the final score was announced.

Incredibly, Dujardin only rode her first test at grand prix level in early 2011. Eighteen months later and she has now ridden to double Olympic gold.

Laura Bechtolsheimer (pictured, left) riding Mistral Hojris had already guaranteed Britain an individual medal with a score of 84.339 per cent for her test which was ridden to music from the Lion King. Her score was eventually good enough for her to give her an impressive bronze medal.

Bechtolsheimer commented: “For a horse of his age, at 17, to move like that and give his all is beyond words. He was so full of power and energy. I could ride every move to the maximum. It was definitely the best ride I have ever had on him. I felt as if I was pressing buttons and getting the right answers. I think he enjoyed the music. It was the first time he had really got involved and the Lion king music really suited him with his colour.”


Image credit: Kit Houghton

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