22 September 2019

Video: Want to find your greatness?

July 27, 2012
Watch the brand new Nike advert - Find Your Greatness

It’s not just the championship athlete or record breaker that aspires to push their limits, it’s also the everyday athlete who strives to excel on their own terms. To set and realise personal goals and achieve their own defining moment of greatness.

That’s the insight behind Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign, a powerful message to inspire anyone who wants to achieve their own moment of greatness in sport, launched just as the world focuses on the best of the best.

If you want to find your greatness why not check out Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” film below?

The film shows everyday athletes from around the world training, playing and competing, with the common thread that the locations featured are all called London.

In Little London, Jamaica a female boxer works the pads with consummate skill and precision. In London, Ohio we see a close up of a focused young baseball player catch the ball and throw it to first base in one seamless action. While each athlete defines their own goals and success, they are all connected by a unifying sense of what greatness could be to them.

As the athlete stories unfold, the film voiceover emphasises that greatness is not simply reserved for the superstar athlete, but is inherently a part of what we can all aspire to and achieve.

In effect, greatness has no fixed address but is a place where every athlete can achieve their own personal success and shape their own definition.



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The campaign is part of #makeitcount, which has celebrated the achievements of everyday athletes since the beginning of this year. Visit the hub at nike.com/makeitcount – a motivational online destination to share progress and success through a series of tools and digital services designed to make every athlete better. 

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