22 September 2019

Carrie on running: Fun run

May 8, 2012

Running is really good fun. No, honestly, after only four weeks I’m starting to think there’s a big conspiracy going on to hide the fact that it’s actually a really enjoyable thing to do.

When I first ‘announced’ that I was going to start it my excitement was met with horror and many verbalised opinions of how much I’d hate it and just shouldn’t bother (mostly from non-runners I might add), but it turns out they’re all oh so very wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not yet to the point where I wake up in the morning and can’t wait to start chasing the pavements, but for four weeks running (pun intended) I’ve dragged myself out of bed early on Saturday morning and practically skipped my way to the start line of my local parkrun because I’m looking forward to doing it so much.

Week one was terrible – I walked at least half of the 5km course. Week two wasn’t so bad – I made it to the 2km marker without stopping.

Week three was my greatest achievement of recent times – I did the entire 5km without stopping or walking, and week four was even better because not only did I run the whole 5km again but I had managed to convince a fellow beginner from my weekly beginners running group to come along and she did the whole 5km in one go too!

Small victories I know, but to go from couch to 5km in only three weeks felt great.

I’ve not ran since I was about ten, I HATED PE at school and frequently feigned illness or milked my asthmatic lungs for every millilitre of air they couldn’t hold just to avoid the torture of being picked last and never dreamed that one day I would enjoy exercise.

I say exercise, but for me it’s as much about the social and psychological exercise as it is about the physical exercise.

I’ve been studying from home for so long in this distance-learning bubble that I need to break out and reacquaint myself with the outside world and running is one way of doing that.

On Sunday 13 May I take part in my first event – a 5 mile charity run around a local park & woodland which I’m so looking forward to doing but the best part is that I get to run alongside my new running buddy.

Wish me luck.

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