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US sprinter Allyson Felix talks nutrition

May 4, 2012
US Sprinter Allyson Felix talks nutrition

Ever wondered what the sports stars eat to keep them fuelled and performing to their best? We caught up with US sprinter Allyson Felix to find out.

What do you eat in a typical day?

In the mornings I have something like oatmeal, but not too much so I’m able to get my workout in. For lunch I normally have a sandwich or salad and some fruit, and then for dinner I will have a bigger meal. Perhaps some chicken, fish or beef with vegetables and some sort of potato or starch. Then some more fruit as well. I try to keep it really balanced but I definitely splurge every now and again!

You mentioned splurging – is it important for you to have the foods you enjoy every now and then?

Of course, I think I would drive myself crazy if I didn’t! I definitely splurge a lot – one of my favourite things is ice cream, so I make sure to have some of that.

Does what you eat tie in with particular training sessions?

It does tie in, for the most part. I try to give myself as much as energy as I need to get through each session – to make sure my calorie intake is good, so it does all correspond.

Is it a challenge sticking to your diet or is it routine by now?

It is still a struggle sometimes, just because sometimes it can be difficult to prepare things. If you feel dizzy or tired it can be easier to eat the wrong thing. I just try to get into a routine and get into the habit of doing it.

Are there any particular foods or drinks that you find aid your recovery?

I make sure I take a protein based recovery drink and I do notice the difference after that.

Over to our nutritionist Rosie Mansfield now. Rosie, what are your thoughts on Allyson’s diet?

Allyson obviously has prior knowledge on how to fuel her body to perform at her optimum, as her diet is clean and rich with healthy macro and micronutrients.

Especially in running sports many tiny muscle fibres are continuously torn through repetition and impact. Protein will need to be an integral part of a sprinter’s diet to allow for rebuilding and repair. Oatmeal, chicken and fish are all superb sources of lean protein in Allyson’s current diet, but protein rich snacks such as yogurt, nuts, seeds, houmous, cottage cheese or salmon would also compliment this.

She has a dense carbohydrate element to her diet for needed energy which is great, but she needs to try to add protein to every meal to allow for a balance in her blood sugar levels. There is also a lot of fruit in her diet, rich with antioxidants, but also with natural sugars! This has the potential to interrupt with her moods, so I would advise to consume most fruit in the early part of the day, when the energy can be burnt.

Protein rich recovery drinks are an integral part of athlete performance and recovery, but I would again encourage taking the opportunity to easily add some extra antioxidants to help with any free radical damage caused by her high intensity exercise regime. Chia seeds would be an excellent addition to any sprinters breakfast to acquire long lasting hydration and endurance. Some other excellent Superfoods include Acai, Spirulina or simply just add some berries to a shake or smoothie!

In my nutrition clinic I teach 80 per cent compliance to 20 per cent sensible indulgence. I like that Allyson enjoys a little bit of what she likes, as it’s a well-known fact it’s good for the soul!

Look out for more training tips from Allyson in the May issue of Sportsister!

Jessica Whittington, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine


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