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Event report: Race Your Pace half marathon

March 16, 2012
Event report: Race Your Pace half marathon

One of the key factors in running a successful race is pace judgment, but we know only too well how tricky this can be to attain.

When you are surrounded by hundreds of runners with different strengths and speeds, finding your own can be challenging.

Liz Yelling, host of the Race Your Pace post-race seminar and British long-distance runner, knows the importance of pacing when racing, “Pacing is essential to maximise your training potential and to maximise your enjoyment throughout the race too!”

That’s why this month we’ve taken a look at the Race Your Pace half marathon; an event aimed to specifically help you with your pace judgement.

The race was set alongside the beautiful Dorney Lake, Eton, where 1,500 pairs of feet crossed the start line to begin the pancake-flat, four-lap course.

This year the race welcomed the Runner’s World Pace Team, who ranged from six minute to 12 minute mile runners. The pacers offered the participants the opportunity to understand and experience with them what pace judgement is really about and each attracted their own swarm of competitors.

Hundreds of personal best times were achieved on the day

And amongst the nine minute mile group was Karen Higham who found the pacer played a huge part in achieving hers, “I felt encouraged to have a group around me and the pacer did a great job of keeping us all motivated.”

The women at the forefront secured their places from the very beginning. Feeling the wind in her hair, Issy Menzies strode strongly ahead of the field taking first place with a personal best time of 1.22.47.

“This race fitted perfectly into my training schedule to ensure I am on track for my summer program. The large amount of support around the course gave me that extra push,” she said afterwards.

Tish Jones averaging just over six minute miles finished second with 1.24.18 and Kate Robson, who is currently top of the Asics off-road leader board, took third place with 1.25.11.

More info: humanrace.co.uk/home

Lizzie Flint, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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