04 June 2020

Football: Casey Stoney Milks It

February 29, 2012

England international Casey Stoney is the latest athlete to join up with Milk It For All It’s Worth campaign to encourage everyone to drink low fat milk as part of their diet.

The campaign is designed to be a fun and exciting way to get the message of consuming milk across to everyone with the help of famous faces; top tips, interviews, videos and competitions can all be found on the Facebook page.

The Dairy council and the European Union are the companies behind the campaign, and the 2008 FA International Player of the year is excited to be part of it. Casey’s sporting achievments include winning the FA Women’s Premier League Cup four times, the FA Women’s Cup twice and the FA Women’s Premier League National Division on two occasions.

The 29-year-old has had an extremely successful country and club career with Lincoln Ladies, Chelsea, Charlton and Arsenal and the campaign leaders hope that she will encourage everyone to get active and drink milk to stay fit and healthy.

The versatile defender said: “I drink milk quite a lot during the week; I have porridge every morning, which I make with milk. I have a protein shake after every training session because it’s pre-season and I always make that with milk because it gives you extra protein.”

Casey, who has been capped over ninety times for England, encourages the consumption of milk as part of a healthy lifestyle. She said: “It’s so important when you’re growing up; the calcium is good for your bones. I will always encourage people to have it in their diet; I drink a lot of it.”

Although there are lots of different ways that people can consume milk,Casey has also found another way to use the white stuff – in the video below, she uses milk to give a visual demonstration of the offside rule!


The Milk It campaign is on Facebook and you can follow it on Twitter for more information, competition details and all the latest news.

Holly Patel, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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