04 June 2020

Barefoot blog: Banish those bingo wings!

February 16, 2012

You may already know that a major bugbear of mine is magazines that promise to get you ‘bikini fit’ in two weeks or a flat stomach in 24 hours…You know the kind of thing – empty promises that can’t possibly deliver (unless you are already bikini fit or indeed have a flat stomach).

I can’t and won’t promise such things, but I can guarantee that after six weeks of training for the Virgin London marathon, it is my bingo wings that are most noticeably improved. How can this be? Surely my legs are benefitting the most, or even (please god) my muffin top.

I put it down to carrying my hand-held water bottle, it’s like a little weights session that I don’t really notice. Mainly this is on my long runs –  think about it. 2 hours carrying a little weight, swapping hands, lifting it up and down to drink – it’s got to help!

I like carrying my bottle, it’s a bit of a security blanket for me. I struggle with low blood sugar on longer or hard sessions and can easily crash and burn if I am not careful, so it’s important that I have adequate fuel with me. At the moment I am testing out Nectar isotonic drink. I like it, the flavour is good and it explains really easily which concentration to use for which type of session or exercise. So far, so good, I have had no wobbly, sick moments.

I am also testing For Goodness Shakes recovery drinks, which I use directly after a long session. I honestly never thought I would be able to drink a chocolate milkshake after running, but actually these are really smooth, tasty and not at all sickly – they come in other flavours – banana, vanilla and strawberry too, but chocolate is definitely my favourite.

In fact I am beginning to feel like a real athlete, good sports nutrition, regular deep tissue massage at Pure Sports Medicine in London and a daily training plan courtesy of the Virgin London Marathon website… now if only I could lose the muffin top – two months to go, I wonder if it is possible?

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