23 March 2017

Video: Brand new Nike video with Ellie Goulding

October 17, 2011

A brand new video created by Nike has been launched today starring recording artist and passionate runner Ellie Goulding.

The short film titled ‘Music Runs Ellie’ was shot on location across the US and UK, and reveals Ellie’s two main passions in life – music and running. The film was shot during Ellie’s training for the recent Run to the Beat half marathon in London.

Talking exclusively to Sportsister about her love for running Ellie said, “It’s hard to explain to other people the exhilaration and the feeling you get from running.”

Ellie even manages to combine her love for running into her time on tour. Every artist has their pre-gig ritual, and in Ellie’s case, preparing for a show involves hitting the streets.

“I have done about four UK tours now and every city I went to I wanted people to run with me. I was trying to get people who were into my music and wouldn’t normally be in to running, to give it a go.

“We had floods of people that were applying online, and I’d take 10 or 15 people out. People really loved it. And it’s amazing when I get messages from mums telling me their daughter now goes out running all the time and has bought some trainers!

Ellie Goulding – Music Runs Ellie from NikeRunningUK on Vimeo.

“Even though music and fitness go together so well, I know a lot of my fans wouldn’t normally workout on a regular basis, and so it’s good to know that I’ve made something cross over like that. I don’t care if people call it cheesy and tell me it’s not rock n’ roll. I can still be rock n roll and do that.

“I only started running when I was 18 and I know when I was young I couldn’t be bothered to run and I didn’t like gym class and all I wanted to do was music. And so I thought that if I come forward and show I love running then it might inspire others too.”

We couldn’t agree more!

And Ellie’s favourite place to run? “I ran In Kenya on the Masai Mara, around zebras and amazing animals. That was really exhilarating. Just because of the surroundings. But I also love Central Park in New York, it’s quite hilly and great to run in.”

To mark the partnership with Nike; the 24-year-old singer-songwriter and runner has also released a stunning mix inspired by her love of running. Mixed by DJ and producer Alex Metric, ‘Run into the Light’ works seamlessly as a 30-minute running aid, with peaks and troughs that sync perfectly into the rhythm of a run to help inspire the listener to run better than ever before. ‘Run Into the Light’ is available now at iTunes.

Visit www.facebook.com/NikeRunningUK to watch the exclusive short film, ‘Music Runs Ellie’.

Louise Hudson, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

Look out for Ellie in the next issue of Sportsister out October 31 – when she talks running with marathon runner Paula Radcliffe.

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