23 February 2020

Shock Absorber WomenOnly Triathlon

October 4, 2011

When: June 10, 2012

Where: Dorney Lake, Windsor

Details: Whether you are a triathlon regular of a complete beginner looking to try a new sport, the Shock Absorber WomenOnly Triathlon is a great event and you will be raising money for  Breast Cancer Care.

Shock-Absorber-TriathlonLast year 1500 women of all abilities entered the race.

The race will be held at the 2012 Olympic Games rowing venue.

The events available are:

Novice Triathlon: 200m swim, 5km bike, 2.5km run

Sprint Triathlon: 400m swim, 20km bike, 5km run

Challenge Triathlon: 800, swim, 30km bike, 7.5km run

‘Health and Fitness Challenge Relay Triathlon: 800m swim, 30km bike, 7.5km run

More info: www.humanrace.co.uk or email races@humanrace.co.uk

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