28 September 2020

Sportsister loves – September

September 28, 2011

Here at Sportsister we get inundated with news of new products every day. In our monthly feature we will bring you some of the favourite things we have come across. It’s our guide to what’s new…..what’s good…..what works…..what’s worth spending your money on…..what’s fun….what’s hot….what’s special….Enjoy!

sportsister-loves-POWERBLASAudio Fuel Music – Powerblast

Price: £10.00 (1 hour)

Buy: www.audiofuel.co.uk

If you like listening to music while you are training, then it’s definitely worth checking out Audio Fuel’s range of specially created compilations. What makes these downloads stand-out is the cleverly developed tracks set at different beats to enable you to keep a steady rhythm. And not only that but you can also choose coaching voice overs to help spur you on.

Audio Fuel currently have a good selection of running tracks to cover all levels of training from jogging through to marathon training, but our favourite is the Powerblast turbo trainer playlist. Aimed at cyclists training at home or in the gym on a bike, this hour long session begins with a long ten minute warm-up before a series of sprints and intervals as the main session and ending with a long cool down.

Powerblast is designed to help you develop short bursts of power needed for overtaking or hills, and the beat keeps your pedal cadence at precisely the right pace to help you train consistently. It’s definitely worth a try to help motivate your training through the winter months – and if cycling is not your thing, then check out the running and swimming tracks instead.

Merrell Breakthrough Breast Cancer Range

Prices: Arc 2 Rival GTX hiking boot £140.00, Siren Sport GTX £100.00

Stockists: www.merrell.co.uk

Merrell has thrown its support behind Breakthrough Breast Cancer for a second year to help drive awareness of the disease and to promote a healthy, active lifestyle amongst women.

Breast cancer affects a staggering 1 in 9 women in the UK however research suggests that a healthy, active lifestyle can help prevent the onset of cancer. An integrated campaign by Merrell will not only help drive awareness of the disease throughout September and Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, but also help the outdoor lifestyle brand to raise a minimum of £20,000 for the charity through the partnership.

The campaign will focus on four styles of footwear from the women’s performance range, all of which have been re-coloured in a different shade of pink. 10% of the retail price from all pink-styled products sold in conjunction with the partnership will be donated directly to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Our favourites from the range are  the Arc 2 Rival GTX hiking boot and the waterproof Siren Sport GTX (below, left and right respectively). The more traditional walking boot – Arc 2 Rival looks great with the injection of magenta and featuring a waterproof leather upper it is a technically sound boot too ; whilst the waterproof Siren Sport GTX is a more versatile shoe perfect for a wide variety of outdoor activities.sportsister-loves-MERRELL

Converse bags

Price: Backpack £22.95, Duffle £44.82

Stockists: www.blackleaf.com

We’ve lived in their trainers for years, so we were pretty excited to get a sneak peak at Converse’s first ever bag collection.

Just like the shoes, they are timeless and simple  – perfect for everyday use at the gym or sportsfield alike. Our favourite is the classic backpack that has a retro vibe and is available in three non-nonsense colours – light grey (we love), red and blue.



sportsister-loves-INCREDISOPrices: £10.75

Stockists: www.vtal-life.org

We love a new pair of socks in the Sportsister office, so we were very keen to test out Incredisocks bold claims. There is no doubt that wearing the wrong pair of socks can ruin an event, and even put you out of action through blisters.

Incredisocks are made from bamboo charcoal, a natural anti-microbial that kills the bacteria that can cause odour, they also claim that it can help with foot fatigue by releasing negative ions into your body.

On top of this they also offer extreme comfort with a 200 thread count, thermo-regulating features that can respond to temperature changes and a unique 3-D weave design for cushioning as well as keeping your feet absolutely dry.

They certainly live up to the odour-free claims – we have yet to wash them and after several weeks of running and the gym they are good as new (all in the name of research!)  plus they are genuinely very comfortable!

Mini Folding bike

Prices: £495.00

Stockists: www.mini.com/shop and all MINI dealerships

We have long been a fan of the folding bike – perfect for commuters, perfectly green and pretty stylish too. Now Mini have got in on the act with their very own mini-designed bike that folds up to fit in the boot of your Mini car. For commuters, it’s a fantastic ‘Park and Ride’ accessory, enabling you to park out of town and then simply continue your journey in style – or you can leave your car at home and simply enjoy the Mini styling as you commute via road or train and road!

As you would expect from Mini it features high-quality components and a light-weight aluminium frame which means it weighs less than 11 kilos. On top of this it is equipped with 8 gears, 20- inch wheels, a comfortable gel saddle and mudguards front and back – we like!


Danielle Sellwood, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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