28 November 2021

Levi’s Commuter Range: Too good to be true?

September 18, 2011

As winter starts to loom its head and I still haven’t quite got the heart to get mud guards on either of my bikes the wet bum issue becomes something of a daily occurance.  So, expensive though they may be I am extremely tempted by the new ‘commuter range’ by Levi’s.

Key features are:

  • U-Lock band
  • High rise back
  • Nano-Sphere fabric coating devloped by 3M that repels water and stains (important for the British weather)
  • Clariant coating that gives the fabric a clean odour resistant coating.
  • Reflective coating on turn-ups

They don’t do a women’s range as yet but I’m not normally a fan of girls jeans anyway.  Reflective and waterproof while still looking good is tempting but are they too much?  Will they make you look like a try hard or will they actually just take the much needed role of a hardwearing pair of jeans that wont need patching every five minutes due to saddle wear and tear?  I’m holding off on final judgement until I’ve seen them in the flesh.  Will hunt out and report back!

Handy D-lock, Waterproof and Reflective - sounds like a dream come true

Handy D-lock, Waterproof and Reflective - sounds like a dream come true

Waterproof & reflective

Waterproof & reflective

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