28 November 2021

Magnificent Revolution: A bicycle powered cinema in East London

August 30, 2011

As a young person growing up in the countryside activities were relatively limited. One of the things I used to do was fix broken bicycles found in my garage (there were a lot, I’m not sure where they came from) another was to watch old films over and over until the vhs tape wore out. Imagine my delight to discover a way to encorporate both these childhood activities into one day.

Magnificent Revolution: Films & Bicycles together at last

Magnificent Revolution: Films & Bicycles together at last

Magnificent Revolution is a fantastic growing initiative around bicycle generators, basically turning your peddles into power. They run workshops and more recently have developed a cycle-in cinema, its like a drive in, but with bicycles instead and no need for petrol or in fact any electricity at all.

I went down to help them set up their new cycle cinema location, Hackney City Farm.  Much happy bicycle tinkering ensued and a few hours later the all time 80’s classic Princess Bride, was on show to an audience of about 200 powered by just 16 bikes.  It was epic.

Audio via solar powered radios

Audio via solar powered radios

No need to be sad if you missed it though as the cinema is back again on 2nd October showing another timeless 80’s epic “Labyrinth”.

Entry is upon a suggested donation of £5

Bring your bicycle and if you want to add your steed to the generators that’d be warmly welcomed.  Cinema goers are invited to come and peddle and if you get tired you just raise your arm and someone takes your place.  Only 16 bicycles are needed to power the whole thing so there is plenty of opportunity to relax, enjoy the film & occasionally glance up at the stars.

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