28 November 2021

London Backward Running Championships

June 28, 2011

When: July 17, 2011

Where: Crystal Palace Park, South

Details: Exercise’s best kept secret is set to become Britain’s next biggest fitness trend. Backward Running may sound daft, but it burns more calories, helps to protect the joints and stimulates the body and mind. No other sport could possibly lay claim to be as humourous, as tough, as exciting, as contagious, as healthy or as entertaining as this one and all at once too.Backward running start

Backward running, also known as reverse running and retro running has amazing benefits and is considered a super-exercise for its benefits. Taken seriously, backward running can be a potent weapon in your training and research has shown that it has massive potential in areas of fitness, well-being and rehabilitation.

If you’re looking to reduce the risk of injury, create a stronger, more balanced lower body, want a challenging workout, better posture or an exercise to aid rehabilitation, backward running could be for you. In fact there are 100 reasons to try backward running with benefits to the body and

On Sunday 17th July, the London Backward Running Championships will take place in Crystal Palace Park, South London. There will be 1km and 3km races for men and women.

More Info: www.reverserunning.com

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