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Lacking motivation? How about some Mate-ivation?

January 18, 2011

According to Shock Absorber, a personal trainer could be more attainable than you think. Cue the ‘Mateivator’ – a mate who motivates you to stick to your fitness routine throughout the year.

mateivator-workoutIn a recent survey conducted by the UK’s leading sports bra brand, three quarters of women say that they are more likely to attend a new workout class or exercise if a friend is going and an impressive nine out of ten females claim they would stick to their regime if a friend encourages them.

Furthermore, two fifths agreed that working out with a mate is a great chance to catch up and spend quality time together. The dreaded feeling of missing out on exercise when a friend is sticking to their exercise regime is also a key reason females keep up their routines.

Taking on board the fact that women’s friends are the driving force in fitness, Shock Absorber has enlisted the help of Elise Lindsay, personal trainer to Coleen Rooney and Jennifer Ellison, to design the ultimate ‘Mateivator Workout’ – a brand new workout for friends to do together, so they can stay motivated throughout the year.


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Elise said: “The workout I have designed is a unique fitness routine specifically for two friends to work out as a pair. The Mateivator Workout will encourage women everywhere to get together with a partner to get the best results out of their fitness regimes.

“Designed to cover all levels of fitness and abilities, this full body workout is fun and results are easily attainable – especially as your friend is there to encourage you!”

Head to Shock Absorber’s Facebook page to see the workout videos and get started!


Elise Lindsay’s ‘Mateivator Workout’

Workout tips

Mix up your training with my partner workout. The partner plan I have put together will really get you going, either at home or in the gym, and interaction is the key to this workout so get up and get on!

When you have mastered the partner workout in sets and reps, perform it as a circuit for 45 seconds up to a minute and vary the speed and resistance that you use. This will tweak your training and you should then alternate the circuit and sets and reps for a varied training programme. See if you can change some of the exercises or even come up with your own.

  • Skip to fitness – A skip rope is a cheap way to burning a bonus 100 cals in about 8 mins, perform 4x2mins or 3-4×50 skips 2-3 times a day
  • Positive mental attitude – Stay focused, stay happy, conqueror your weaknesses and absorb your successes. A positive mental attitude will not only make your day a great one it will rub off on to your partner, who will rub off on to someone else, and so on and so on. Let a good feeling become infectious!
  • Eat for success – Whilst you’re sharing a workout why not share a recipe or two. Eating the right foods for your training will keep your energy levels up and ensure you get the maximum out of your workout! Opt for low GI foods for your daily stamina and ease up on simple carbs, be sure to eat your five a day and reduce your sugar intake.
  • Hydrate yourself – Drinking from a water bottle is a great way to measure how much you’re drinking through out the day. Aim to drink four pints, your body will thank you.
  • Get started now! – Who are you going to buddy train with? Pick up the phone and plan your diary now, there is no time like the present to plan. Find out what sporting challenges are out there, maybe a cycle ride, duathlon or even a triathlon. The Shock Absorber Women’s Only Triathlon is a great event and is taking place on the 2nd July 2011.

General Tips

  • Invest in a journal – It’s the journey ahead! Right from the beginning be sure to track your progress, problems and achievements. Most people make a great effort at the start of the year and then begin to slowly fade and lose their initial motivation! This diary is your emotional reminder that things may feel tough or amazing….it will be a reminder that you can accomplish anything…..and this year it’s with a friend!
  • Make a pact – The bond you have with your friends is strong enough to help your drive your exercise commitments to the next level! Yes we all have our down days, but who do we often turn to in order to turn that feeling around? Getting together will inspire you in those times when your motivation has dwindled.
  • Set an achievable goal – You might be a regular on the treadmill at the gym but how about setting yourself the goal of running your first 5K or 10K race. If the goal you set is a big one, narrow it down into targets that are appropriate and can be met with the right determination and effort.
  • Set team targets – And enjoy them together. Laugh, scream and acknowledge when something has felt difficult, just like a problem can be shared and eased a mountain or boundary could actually feel halved when accomplished together!
  • Get the right kit – The right sports wear is key to how you feel and how you perform. Wearing the correct sports bra is just as important as a decent pair of trainers and all women should be wearing one to work out in, regardless of their breast size! Shock Absorber sports bras offer up to 78% bounce reduction, twice as much as a normal bra. They are made of sports performance fabrics and come in cup and back sizes so you can guarantee the optimal fit and support.
  • Prioritise and plan – Plan to perform, aim to achieve! Prioritise and plan your exercise schedule, make sure it fits in with both your work schedules if you’re working out with a mate. If there is a time when you have to cancel on your buddy be sure to train by yourself or reschedule. Don’t cancel ‘because’ it’s your friend and you think you can!
  • Reward yourself! – Feel good about what you are doing and be sure to reward yourselves with feel good factor rewards like investing in some gorgeous new sports kit
  • Bring an exercise focus into all aspects of your life – At work, sit, don’t slouch, be posture perfect – draw up through your core to keep you sitting tall, draw your shoulder blades down your back and keep you shoulders away from your ears! Want to work on your arm tone – how about a few bicep curls with the shopping bags?!
  • Encourage each other – Don’t be shy to fuel each other during the workout….encouragement works wonders when you need that extra push.

Jessica Whittington, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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