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June 29, 2010

Sportsister has been browsing the internet for the very best in everyday women’s sports blogs.

sound-mind-picBlogs offer a great creative outlet, and allow people to share their thoughts, troubles and highlights during their sporting pursuits.

The four blogs chosen by Sportsister are personable, humorous and hugely entertaining. Most importantly they’re easy to relate to as bloggers give you an insight into their sporting pursuits, and maybe provide you with the motivation to persist with your sporting ventures or even give you the inspiration to try something new.

Whether you’re browsing the web during your lunch break, at a loose end on your computer or putting off going outside for a run, here’s Sportsister’s four favourite blogs written by everyday sporty women:

Sound Mind, Sound Body

Mairead White is an Irish woman who lived in Amsterdam but is now living in Japan and has a new found love of sport. blog

She blogs regularly on her latest runs, walks or “wine fuelled sit ups”, all with a personable style that describes the places she’s jogging around so well that it makes you feel like you’ve experienced the exercise right there with her (that’s not an excuse for you not to go for a run of your own after reading her blog though!).

What separates Mairead’s blogs from many others is her honesty, as she readily admits that she has only recently discovered running through her job at the sports company ASICS, and as a result has got involved in other sports as well.

She provides a fun filled insight into the streets of Japan along the way, and reveals that running has taken her to “very tiny Dutch villages, French vineyards, Spanish cities, Irish hills and all the way to down-town Manhattan and the finish line of the New York City Marathon in 2009.”

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or wanting to drift away during your lunch breaks from the office, join Mairead on her runs around Kobe Japan, at http://soundmindinasoundbody.wordpress.com/



Ruth’s Racy Adventures

Ruth Harrison’s blog takes a step away from the usual sporting blogs as she writes about her passion for a sport that often seems male dominated…. motor racing. ruths-racy-pic

Ruth doesn’t just blog enthusiastically and amusingly about her love of motor sport, she dons orange overalls and spends her weekends marshalling a variety of motor racing events.

In Ruth’s words, “it seems in the world of tyres, engines and leathers (not THAT kind of leather) you need to either be a lesbian or wearing tiny hotpants to be a fan of the ‘mans’ sport. As neither, I signed up as a marshal, put on the orange overalls and got myself a blog.”

Ruth’s very readable and amusing blog offers a fascinating behind the scenes insight into a world that is perhaps unreachable for many women.

Ruth breaks down barriers for women who love motor sports and are cheering that a female is finally providing a voice, and women who have a hidden interest in motor sports but need a little encouragement to say it out loud. And for those who have no interest in fast flying cars, burning rubber and high speed racing, this blog is worth a read if you’re in need of something witty and different to brighten up your day.



The Seagals blog is by a crew of four women rowers who are currently rowing around Great Britain completely unaided! Seagals-pic

They are taking part in the Virgin BG Row 2010 Race and will row 2010 miles as they aim to set a new world record to be the first women to row around Great Britain.

You can follow the awesome foursome’s highs, lows, enjoy their views and share in their struggles via their regular blog. But of course spare a thought for the bravery of Belinda, Laura, Angela and Beverly as they get battered by rain and high winds, while you get to read about it from the warmth of your own home with a cup of tea in hand.

They share videos, photos (the good, the bad and the ugly is a particular highlight depending on your point of view!) and give updates on their progress via their blog – comments and words of encouragement from readers are always welcome.

The team are doing the challenge to raise money for the Help the Heroes charity, and donations can be made by clicking here.



This light hearted blog sees a variety of bloggers from around the country writing about their latest biking experiences and exploits. minx-compend-pic-2

Whether its mountain bike racing, training or just pottering about on a bike, it’s all covered in a fun, friendly and interactive blog.

It’s a perfect read for beginners looking to get into riding a bike for exercise, or maybe wanting to compete in races. While those with a bit more biking experience can relate to the stories, anecdotes and the thrill of riding.

The blogs provide inspiration for people looking for routes to ride their bikes, and provides a bit of motivation for those who are undecided over whether to get on their bike. The photos of riders taking time out for cups of tea and cake should be all the encouragement you need to get on your bike.

Although people with a weak stomach are advised to steer clear of a couple of photos showing what can happen to your knees if you fall off your bike!


Chris Knight, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

Image Credits:
Matt Sayle Photography (Ruth’s Racy Adventures)
Mairead Matthews
Minx Compendium

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