22 September 2019

Editor’s letter – June

June 2, 2010

One of the best bits about working at Sportsister is being lucky enough to get to meet top level athletes on a regular basis. It’s a great perk of the job as you often gain a real glimpse of what life is like as a sports star.

Training-with-the-rugby-teaI recently had a brand new experience on the sports field when I joined the England women’s rugby team for a training session. This summer the team will be hoping to win the rugby world cup which is being held here in August – and they have got every chance of being successful! You can read about the training session here.

Look out for a full feature on the women’s rugby world cup in the next print issue of Sportsister. And make sure you get down to support the team in August, they are a great bunch of girls, who are truly dedicated to their sport so it’s sure to be a fantastic tournament.

I also travelled to Nottingham to meet up with members of the England women’s hockey team last week, to hear all about the action packed six months they have ahead of them.

Everything kicks off at the Highfields Sports Club, Nottingham on July 10th when six of the world’s top nations will compete over eight days in the Champions Trophy. It’s a must for hockey fans with Netherlands (1st), Argentina (2nd), China (3rd), Germany (5th) and New Zealand (9th) facing home nation England (7th). Click here to get more information on the event.

Then the team head to the World Cup in Argentina, a country where women’s hockey is huge and the can expect to play in front of very large crowds. Finally they will go to Delhi for the Commonwealth Games where a medal is firmly in their sights. Good luck to the team for all three events and we’ll see you in Nottingham!

Danielle has been having a totally different kind of experience as she went to check out GO Ape in the Forest of Dean! Despite being scared of heights she had a brilliant time testing her nerve on the high walkways, tightropes and zip wires that make up the course. Anyone over the age of 10 can enjoy the experience and after a thorough briefing on how to use your safety harness and ropes you are free to take the route at your own speed. It is a great fun day out, that is both mentally and physically demanding – read more about it in the next issue of Sportsister.

That’s the great thing about sport – there truly is something to suit everyone, and I firmly believe that those people who don’t consider themselves sporty have just not found the sport for them yet.

Thankfully we are past the days where sport was limited solely to team games, and bats and balls, now there are so many things on offer (both to watch and do) that I defy anyone to be unable to find an activity they love. Yoga, swimming, football, cycling, roller derby even underwater hockey…we’ve covered all of these and more on Sportsister.

So if you have not found the sport for you yet, don’t give up, just get creative and give something new a go.

Louise Hudson, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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