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Sportsister tests: VRX-Biking by Trixter

May 13, 2010

Sportsister tries out VRX-Biking,  the new hi-tech cycling class that has you racing through the streets of London.

Trixter-bikesWhat’s it all about?

Bike manufacturer Trixter has launched a new hi-tech group fitness class called VRX-Biking. Imagine your usual group spin class but with a large screen at the front. You join the riders on the big screen as they cycle through different trails from the city streets of London and New York, to dirt tracks and highlands.

Getting started

As in a regular bike class you will first need to set your bike up. Make sure the saddle height is in line with your hip bone, clip in your shoes if you are wearing cleats and adjust your handle bars. Unlike normal spin bikes these handle bars move with you meaning you can lean and bend your way around the corners, just like on a normal outdoor bike. An adjustable gear on the handlebars will add resistance to simulate the hills.


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So what exactly do I do?

Once you are set up on your bike just keep your eyes on the big screen and follow the instructions on screen or from your instructor. The graphics are incredibly realistic and you soon find yourself huffing and puffing up a steep hill and free wheeling down the other side to catch your breath.

Just like on a regular bike there will be times when you want to get up out of your saddle and really pump your legs. Thanks to the laterally moving handle bars you can get that extra leverage from your arms too, to help propel you up any steep bits and pick up speed on the flat.

In my class we warmed up on an off road track, then headed to the streets of New York to ride with the courier bikes, dodging in and out of traffic and getting the full urban jungle experience. From there it was back to some off road before finishing off in a mercifully flat part of San Francisco. A pumping soundtrack of Calvin Harris, the Ting Tings and Apollo 440 accompanies you along the way, with a new song for each section of the ride.


What are the benefits?

Unlike the usual indoor bikes that you may have used at the gym the Trixter bike also gives your upper body a workout too. The laterally moving handles ensure your arms and your core both get a great workout as you steer your way through the session. This increases your calorie burn by up to 55% with a half hour class burning up to 600 calories.

Fitness expert, and Sportsister contributor Kristoph Thompson says, “Visual stimulation is proven to increase motivation. Group cycle classes require participants to imagine their trail as they move up and downhill with different resistance. The VRX-Biking classes allow the class to engage in a much more exciting experience and work together to steer through the tracks.”

Who does it suit?

People who love bikes! These are the only indoor bikes that accurately simulate what it’s like on an outdoor bike. If you are training for a cycle event, adding some indoor sessions is a practical way to build up leg strength.

Likewise if you already enjoy spin, give this updated version a go. There’s no chance you will be clock watching in this 30 minute class. It’s a high octane, fast moving session that really targets arms, legs and your core.

It’s even been used by some local authorities to help youngsters learn how to ride their bikes safely through urban areas. It really does transport you to the city streets, it’s that realistic!

Where can I do it?

Everyone Active, the UK-wide chain of leisure centres, has already installed Trixter Bikes in several of their gyms, and will be rolling out the bikes to the remainder of their 60+ centers throughout 2010.

The centers which are run in partnership with 20 local authorities make this state-of-the-art kit accessible to the general public without the need for expensive gym memberships or long term contracts.

It is available to members and non members – £2.90 per half hour class for non members and free for members


For more info visit www.trixter.net

Louise Hudson, Sportsister
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