07 July 2020

Lucy and Lottie Get Fit – Fitback and Bumps

May 12, 2010

I recently leaped on my sister’s trampoline with my four-year-old niece; I wished I hadn’t been quite as energetic.

motherandbabyyogaThe crash landing after performing an entirely average somersault proved a step too far for my bladder!

When starting this blog, I did not want to review the plethora of personal trainers, nor was I interested in carrying out exercise that did not include Lottie as I do not have childcare. However, one programme came to my attention that I could not ignore.

Fitback and Bumps is a new fitness class that combines exercise with education to help new and expectant mums prevent pregnancy-related health issues that can affect them for life.

FitBack & Bump classes, held in locations around the country, are the first courses run by chartered physiotherapists.  I registered my interest and learnt that my local physio was currently running the course for clients within their homes until she secured a venue.  What a result! No travel and no awkward child care to arrange.

I asked for Katherine to visit on Monday evenings for the duration of the four-week course and whilst Lottie was sleeping soundly, I was about to learn the real secret to not loosing control whilst jumping on the trampoline!

The course began gently and is very much based around the principles of Pilates and yoga whilst designing exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine whilst playing or attending to your baby.

The course is split into four classes and each class comes with a shiny handout detailing the exercises you should do everyday and repeat 10-15 times. There is also a useful handbook explaining more about the educational programme, tips and general diagrams on the now familiar pelvic floor.

I completed a questionnaire on my current health and birth and Kathryn came armed with a fitness ball.  The first session started very gently and the movements were so subtle it was hard to concentrate, the focus was very much on finding your neutral position or centre stage as it is referred.

Gentle rocking movements on the ball enabled me to roll my spine into the correct position and this position was maintained whilst I carried out further exercises such as raising my legs whilst sitting on the ball.

I was amazed at how unbalanced my body is and Katherine explained we all have a stronger more stable side and by activating and strengthening our core muscles this can help address any imbalance.  All the exercises took place on the ball or lying on the mat with my legs and feet on the ball.  The session ended with some very gentle stretching exercises.

The following three classes built on these exercises and always ended with stretches. The intensity was slightly increased each week and the exercises became more obvious in their benefits.

The fourth and final class included squats leaning on the ball against a wall, superman style lifts whilst on all fours and half press-ups when lying across the ball.  The aim of the course is to gradually work on taking the client from the very beginning and introducing basic positions needed to perform all the exercises correctly.

With Katherine’s expertise it was much easier to manoeuvre myself into the correct position and I could really feel how I sometimes twist and become unbalanced within my hips and where my weaknesses lie.  My main problem with the course was finding the time to practise and build on the exercises during the rest of the week. Maybe it is just me but my days are full on and I don’t seem able to make another diary appointment to myself to do the exercises – too many sleeps and feeds? Too many chores and coffee breaks? Or, is it just a case of too many excuses?

I learnt a lot and whilst the course was not dynamic, cardiovascular, upbeat or ambient, it was like knuckling down to do your homework rather than doing exercise.  I know it has done me so much good and I know I want to try to continue doing the exercises to repair the effects of giving birth.

There is so much to learn about my body and I was very interested to hear Katherine’s professional opinion.  The exercises are not hard physically but you have to really tune in with your body and concentrate on using the correct muscles and working the many stabilising muscles that you never knew existed.

The course is not about losing weight or breaking sweat. Some of the exercises you may have thought you’ve performed in the gym before, but this course is all about strengthening your body, preventing injuries, repairing and educating yourself about your body and posture.

After completing each session, I felt a deep feeling of relaxation. So many of us know how to stretch, and yet I never do it. Having someone stand over me left me feeling very calm and positive for the rest of the evening.

Highs: A good education and relaxing when forced to empty the mind

Lows:  Requires concentration and dedication to carry out routine daily

Cost:    £90 per course

Contact: www.fitbackandbumps.co.uk/enquiry.php

Lucy Day, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine


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