23 May 2022

Lucy and Lottie Get Fit – Buggyfit

April 27, 2010

It has taken me a long time to get to this class.  Buggyfit is a nationwide exercise class held outdoors for mothers and their babies and the only mother and baby class that I did know about before I starting writing this blog.

buggyfit-2I am lucky enough to live close to HRH’s back garden – Windsor Great Park which is where my local Buggyfit class takes place. However, what with everything grinding to a halt for Christmas and again when it snowed, it has taken me a while to brave the elements and make the early 10am start.

Ok so 10am might not be super early but when you have a baby it is. Not that us new mums are lazing around, enjoying lie ins. Far from it. But once you factor in travel time, getting woken up a few times in the night, breastfeeding, expressing, the morning nap etc. a10am start time suddenly seems like a challenge. But without boring you further, I made it on time to the class on a beautiful bright day that the BBC had just declared “spring like”. A rarity this year so far!

Lottie is full of giggles as I pop her in her pram and she appears as excited as me to be out for some fresh air. I find myself hoping that she does not fall to sleep as this will interfere with her lunchtime rest and subsequent swimming class – she’s got a busy schedule so daytime sleeps are always tricky to plan!


Around 12 active looking ladies and their (mainly) three wheeler prams congregate at the meeting point. A register is taken and then Hattie, our instructor, also with a pram and baby, hands out Dyna Bands (resistance bands) and starts us off by asking everyone to power walk through the park.

The scenery is beautiful and with our ponytails swinging we all stride out at a fair pace. The other women are friendly and I immediately get chatting. This is clearly a popular class as all the mums seem fairly well acquainted and familiar with the routine.

After our warm up walk Hattie takes us through some typical exercises including squats, lunges, kicks and jogging quickly on the spot to raise our heart rate.

The instruction is pitched perfectly. Hattie commands everyone’s attention and pushes us in an encouraging manner to challenge ourselves. In the beauty of the great outdoors it is uplifting and somehow beats your regular workout.

The rest of the class consists of two more power walks on a circular route which takes us back to our starting point. After each walk we stop and Hattie takes us through some drills such as shuttle runs, high knee lifts, kicks and arm strengthening exercises using the Dyna Bands.

The class lasts an hour and flies by, we end by doing some simple stretches and Hattie reminds us to do some pelvic floor exercises in our own time as these are not incorporated into the class as the ground is too damp.

The babies are starting to get restless by the end – Lottie is overdue a feed and is starting to get weepy by this point. Many of the mums all have a coffee in the café which is a great place to let Lottie have a good guzzle.

This class is for mums who want to get fit and with regular attendance is a great toning workout that combines aerobic exercise with an invigorating walk with like-minded new mums

A perfect way to start the day and not just a walk in the park.

Highs:  Exercising in the great outdoors makes getting fit a pleasure. Good value for a great toning workout

Lows:   No stomach or pelvic floor exercises are included

Cost:    £5 per session or £20 for a block of 5 (check pricing with individual instructor)

Contact: www.buggyfit.co.uk/index.htm

Lucy Day, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine


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