22 September 2019

Lucy and Lottie Get Fit – Beez Kneez

February 5, 2010

Today I set out to my old haunt Chiswick in West London for a post natal class run by Vicky Warr, who set up Beez Kneez. It’s pre and postnatal with baby group sessions.

Bees-NeezVicky started the group after finding a lack of exercise choices whilst pregnant and after having her baby. Whilst there was plenty of Yoga and Pilates, she felt there wasn’t anything for toning, shaping and building up a bit of a sweat that was fun, inspirational, to music and social!

Amazingly, as I had Lottie in tow, I arrived in plenty of time. I found my way to the function room at the back of a pub and thankfully Lottie was quiet as I was feeling a little anxious about what to do if she was not in the mood to lie in her pram. But unlike her recent night time activity she was behaving and fell to sleep for the duration of the class, oblivious to the pumping music.

I was so cold from being outside and therefore looking forward to a work out and feeling enough heat to peel off some layers. The class consisted of about 10 other mums and babies and I know from the website that Vicky requests everyone that signs up to her course complete a questionnaire about their health.

Vicky arrived and the class started quickly…very quickly. Babies were left in prams around the edge of the room and it was time to kick off. I was so cold it was hard to get started and unfortunately I got stood in the draught of the doorway.

I was slightly alarmed with the pace we began working our arms and stretching our waists. I started to think that maybe I am not the hardy, relatively fit, ‘all rounder’ that I thought I was. Almost immediately I was out of breath, the exercises were fast and furious and I was surprised as I guess I have become so used to the ‘gently gently’ approach adopted by many new mum work outs.


I guess my main focus for the last four years has been running and it has been a long time since I have done an aerobics class – but does this excuse my lack of stamina now? I swear I used to be a lean gym bunny that found most classes not challenging enough!

The hour long session progressed with different aerobic exercises using bands and with sections of explosive cardiovascular reps. The exercises ranged from Jane Fonda to military bootcamp in style and I know I am going to ache tomorrow. The class is aimed at beginners but I don’t think an absolute beginner would actually manage to see the class through and there is no cheating!

Some of the exercises were tough; tricep dips in a position I have never attempted before and press ups that I doubt I could have done before I had a baby. One lady who shared a grimace with me, asked for an easier alternative. Vicky firmly told the lady that she should try hard to do this exercise as we all need strong arms when you have a baby, it actually made me want to giggle!  Do yummy mummy’s really want to be pushed this hard?  Probably. I know from the nineties when I was a regular gym user, these types of all over toning classes were incredibly popular and probably still are.

I found the class invigorating and it definitely made me feel more energetic. But for me I felt a bit uncomfortable that the babies were simply left around the perimeter of the room to scream…. And scream they did! I would have found it very hard to ignore Lottie and carry on with the class if she had started crying (though mothers are not stopped from checking their babies).

Vicky did explain that for insurance purposes the babies must stay in their buggies throughout the class.

The class ended with some floor work using the abdominals and some basic stretches.

Vicky had boundless energy and I think the concept is a great solution for many mothers. It’s a reminder back to the days of feel the burn during a fast-paced workout video. I always struggled to keep up with them, and it seems that having Lottie has not changed that!

Highs:  A fast aerobic class which will make you sweat

Lows:   Not ideal for mum’s who have no previous fitness and/or want a gentle kickstart to regaining their figure.

Cost:   £65 for 6 classes

Contact: www.beez-kneez.co.uk/

Lucy Day, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine


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