21 January 2020

Jodie Stimpson’s triathlon diary – day 2

July 21, 2009

Triathlete Jodie Stimspon kept a training diary in the run up to the Nokia Windsor Triathlon, where she took gold and smashed the course record in the process. Throughout this week she shares it with Sportsister – read on for part 2.

Tuesday 9th June 2009

I had a lie in this morning, well until 6am, which I know is still early, but my body clock is used to waking up at 5am for morning swimming so 6am is late to me. I went out on my bike for about an hours spin, just keeping it in the small chain ring and spinning my legs out. Then I drove up to Loughborough University to do a run session with my coach Michelle Dillon.

The run session was a hard core session of 1km reps and I did this with Stuart Hayes and Will Clarke. Obviously I was not running the same time as those guys but they had the same session and it’s great training with athletes like Stuart and Will as they have already achieved so much in their careers and that is what I’m striving to do!

After the run session I drove back home to Oldbury and went open water swimming at Swan Pool with my training partner at Birmingham University Rebecca Milnes, which was great fun as the water temperature wasn’t too cold and it wasn’t raining as it was the week before.

Food Diary

Breakfast: Before cycling – Powerbar bar

Breakfast: After cycling –  Scrambled eggs on toast & ½ Galia melon

After run session: Protein Powerbar (straight away)

Lunch: Ham sandwich on brown bread

Tea: Chicken breast and salad with a pita bread

Look out for part three of Jodie’s diary on Sportsister tomorrow

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