01 October 2020

Fashion V Sport exhibition

August 5, 2008

Opening today, Fashion V Sport is a new exhibition at the V&A in London, which explores the relationship between contemporary fashion and global sportswear brands.

Over 60 outfits will be on display and will look at how both industries have been inspired by street style and have been working in closer collaboration in recent years.

The exhibition illustrates how designers like Dries van Noten and Sonia Rykiel have turned sports clothing – like the classic grey jersey tracksuit – into fashion staples, and there will also be work by Stella McCartney who is known for her adidas collections.

Fashion V Sport also looks at the huge trend for customisation. It includes a jacket reconstructed from sections of Nike clothing by cult designer Dr Romanelli and Jeremy Scott’s range for adidas inspired by the work of artist Keith Haring.

The exhibition also shows how the creativity of customisers such as I-Saw and Nash Money has been embraced by global superbrands, as seen in Rbk Custom trainers which allow the consumer to design their own shoe.

There is also a great section on the world of sportswear obsessives – from collectors who own hundreds of pairs of trainers to the Japanese fashion designer Hirofumi Kiyonaga who has created a brand named after his virtual football team ‘Football Club Real Bristol’ for which he designs two fashion collections each year.

Other great examples of this over the top approach to sportswear include Nike’s handmade crocodile skin trainers and Ends’ diamond-encrusted shoelaces.

You might not think most of what is on display is actually suitable for doing any kind of activity, but it’s a great exhibition all the same.

Fashion V Sport runs from August 5 2008 to January 4 2009 and admission is £5. Call 0870 906 3883 to book your ticket now. To coincide with the opening of the exhibition a great coffee table book has been published: Fashion V Sport (£19.99)

Louise Hudson, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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