22 March 2017

National School Sport week launched by Kelly Holmes and Gordon Brown

May 12, 2008

The Prime Minister and Dame Kelly Holmes have joined forces to launch the first ever ‘National School Sport Week’ to help encourage over three million school children to get involved in PE and school sport.

The government initiative will start on Monday 30th June and will be a week of fun sporting activities. Youth Sport Trust and Norwich Union will be supporting it.

The idea for National School Sport Week was announced in February by the high-profile pair but specific details have only just been released.

While the plans released will act as guidelines for the schools, it is hoped that it will be the pupils and teachers themselves who will come up with the ideas for sports to participate in during the week.

The ‘National School Sport Week’ initiative aims to help in many ways:

Celebrate – It will help to celebrate everything that has been achieved in PE at school over the past year.

Develop – It could spark off many other ideas for positive participation in sport, including both inter and intra school competition.

Profile – An awareness of all the work taking place in PE could reach people on both a local and national level and this could encourage others elsewhere.

The kinds of activities that will take place during the week are inter school competitions, intra school competition, festivals of sport and activities held by the local community.

The Prime Minister said, “everyone concerned agrees that National School Sport Week is a good way of putting school sport back where it belongs – playing a central role in the school day”.

David Tabor, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine


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