22 September 2019

miCoach – adidas and Samsung create fitness phone

April 1, 2008

adidas and mobile phone company Samsung have collaborated to create miCoach – a phone that acts as your very own personal trainer.
adidas-mi-coach-anchor.pngThe real-time training system is designed to motivate, inspire and enable athletes at all levels to reach their training goals. And how does it do this exactly? Well, it collects and turns data into individual training plans based on your fitness levels and specific goals. So it is a bit like having your personal trainer there with you on every run, telling you how fast and how far to go.

The miCoach is connected to a heart rate monitor and a step counter (both included in the miCoach package) which gives you information about your heart beat, the distances you are covering and the time spent running. But instead of having to wait until you are at home to connect to a computer to find out the results, the miCoach can give you up to the minute info through your headphones.

You start with a one mile assessment run which the miCoach uses to determine your current fitness level. You can run or walk but it must be as quickly as possible. One minute after your run, miCoach tests your recovery heart rate. The quicker you heart recovers (or drops) after the run, the fitter you are.

From this, and with the help of adidas’ top personal trainers, a customized training plan is created for you through the miCoach website. You can also download up to 4 gigs of music to keep you motivated while exercising. It even allows you to customize a playlist to match your stride rate!

Once out running miCoach gives you audio cues to keep you on pace and in your target heart rate zone for the duration of your run. It tracks your stats too – your pace, distance, calories, stride and heart rate will all be monitored to keep you and your goals on track. And once you reach a goal you can start over again with a new one, to constantly keep you motivated and pushing yourself.

adidas is also launching a range of miCoach compatible clothing as part of its adiStar collection and the stride sensor chip will fit all adidas running footwear.

It’s certainly at the cutting edge of portable fitness technology and will no doubt give Nike+, Nike and Apple’s collaboration, some serious competition.

miCoach will be free on mobile phone contracts over £35 a month. On a pay as you go, the handset will cost approximately £200, but this will vary on what network you are on. It will be available from mid April in store from the Carphone Warehouse and adidas sports performance stores.

When purchasing miCoach you will receive the following:

miCoach mobile phone; heart rate monitor; foot pod; sport head phones; data cable to download phone details to the miCoach website and a charger.


Louise Hudson, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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